Know that your scheduled jobs are running without errors.

Background jobs are notorious about going down and you might be none-the-wiser. Don’t get caught off guard with an important job that hasn’t run in days.

Get notified if your scheduled task fails to check-in.

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A job may fail to run or it may run but fail to complete. Either way, you need to know about it.
Have your scheduled tasks check-in with Sitesure and we’ll let you know whether they fail to check-in or if they report an error.
Some background tasks don’t run on a schedule but you still need to that they are running. Heartbeat monitoring will alert you if you’ve had no check-ins within a predefined period.

Sitesure can also monitor your website, API endpoints, TCP services, SSL certificates, Domains, and DNS entries. No matter what transpires, we’ll let you know immediately when there is a problem.

And when things go wrong, get notified immediately!

Try Sitesure for free No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Hi 👋 I'm Andrew, the founder of Sitesure.

As a full-stack developer consultant, I've experienced the stress caused by system failures while managing multiple web applications with APIs and background jobs.

Sitesure was born from these frustrations; it's designed to help you keep your website operational while you focus on what matters most.

My goal is simple: provide a reliable service so you can do the same for your customers.

I’d love to chat about how I can help you.


@atimberlake andrew at sitesure dot net