Be confident that your website is always available!

Don’t lose money because you’re unaware when something goes wrong.

Get notified immediately when things go wrong.

Your first two monitors are free, no strings attached.

Any number of things can cause a problem with your website and if you’re not constantly checking on it, how will you know that it’s down? Let Sitesure keep an eye on things so you don’t have to.

Sitesure will monitor your website, API endpoints, TCP services, and monitor background jobs and processes letting you know immediately when there is a problem.

And when things go wrong, get notified immediately!

Worldwide monitoring

Uptime checks

Sitesure will check your website, API endpoint, or TCP service at a regular interval from around the world and notify you when the response is not expected. Every check works through the entire network stack from DNS query through SSL negotiation and reading the response guaranteeing everything is working.

Job monitoring

The problem with background jobs is that they happen in the background. When they fail, they fail silently and who knows how long it will take before you’re aware of the problem?

Sitesure monitors listen for a notification from your background job and alerts you as soon as one fails to check-in on schedule. It works for cron jobs and any other scheduler. If your job can make an HTTP request, monitors will have your back.

Heartbeat monitoring

Some things don’t happen on a schedule but still have a regular cadence. Heartbeat monitors notify you if they haven’t received one check-in within a particular interval. Monitor anything from a contact form to an event queue to an IoT device and be notified when they’ve gone silent for too long.

Status pages

Showcase the reliability of your system and keep everyone informed when things aren’t 100%.

Your first two monitors are free, no strings attached.


Hi 👋 I'm Andrew, the founder of Sitesure.

As a full-stack developer consultant, I've experienced the stress caused by system failures while managing multiple web applications with APIs and background jobs.

Sitesure was born from these frustrations; it's designed to help you keep your website operational while you focus on what matters most.

My goal is simple: provide a reliable service so you can do the same for your customers.

I’d love to chat about how I can help you.


@atimberlake andrew at sitesure dot net